13 Cottage Row, PO Box 217, Lily Dale, New York  14752
Tel:  716-595-2000, Fax: 716-595-2020, E-mail: nsacinfo@nsac.org, Website: www.nsac.org

The NSAC is our parent organization.  Please go to the NSAC website to find out more about the Religion of Spiritualism, who we are, what we believe, how we are organized, and what we have to offer.  On the website, a directory of NSAC churches and summer camps throughout the United States is available to enable you to locate churches near you and/or in the vicinity of where you may be visiting.  The NSAC Secretary is Rev. JoAnne Santonocito.
NSAC Newsletter.  The NSAC publishes a monthly newsletter, the "NSAC News" for its members.  Please go to www.nsac.org and in upper right hand corner select News & Convention, then select Newsletter.

NSAC Monthly Mailings, Each month, a mailing goes out to the church secretaries from the NSAC office with a President's letter, a healing list from the NSAC Spiritual Healing Center, book reviews of new books available through the NSAC Bookstore, new policies and practices adopted by the NSAC, and other relevant information. See a Board Member after a church service to view the mailing, or have it mailed directly to your home by paying a postage fee of $25.00 (NSAC members only). Contact:  NSAC Office at  716-595-2000.

The National Spiritualist Summit Magazine, The "TNS Summit" magazine is published bi-monthly by the NSAC and exists to

educate readers on the philosophy and religion of Spiritualism, and to serve as its official aid for expansion.  For further information, to subscribe to the magazine, or to submit articles, please contact the Editor, Frank Kotowski, Jr., (631) 316-1588, or email nsactns@nsac.org.

The NSAC Lyceum SPOTLIGHT Magazine, The "Spotlight" magazine is published monthly by the NSAC and is a publication for the lyceum programs established throughout  the United States.  It is a magazine for all ages.  For further information, to subscribe to the magazine, or submit articles, please contact the editor at spotlight@nsac.org or visit the webpage at: www.nsac.org/spotlight.

NSAC Book Store located at 13 Cottage Row, Lily Dale, NY 14752 

(Open to the public M-W-F, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

(For more information: call: 716-595-2000 )  

The NSAC has a book store located in their headquarters building at 13 Cottage Row.   Call: 716-595-2000.  To obtain an order form, email: nsacadmin.nsac. We carry a large supply of books, materials, and NSAC supplies:  www.nsac.org

The NSAC Healing Center, Spiritual healing has been a part of human culture and many ancient religions.  It is also an essential part of Spiritualism.  In the medical community today, it is recognized that the whole person needs healing, not just the illness.  You can send a healing request for yourself or another atwww.nsac.org/contact-- click on Healing -- and fill out the form.  Names will be placed on the monthly Prayer List that is distributed to all the NSAC churches and ministers to be used during the Healing Services.

Morris Pratt Institute, 11811 Watertown Plank Road, Milwaukee, WI 53226, Tel:  414-774-2994, website: www.morrispratt.org or e-mail:  info@morrispratt.org.

The Morris Pratt Institute ("MPI") in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is an educational facility that offers a correspondence course on Modern  Spiritualism to educate the Ministry, workers, teachers, and all Spiritualists and interested people, on the Science, Philosophy and  Religion of this great world view.  Please go to the MPI website for further information.  All Are Welcome!