Upcoming Classes and Circles

After much consideration and discussion, the LDSC Board has approved the resumption of several Circles and Classes beginning November 2020, with the understanding that we must remain cognizant of and vigilant about CDC and NYS Guidelines.  Of all attendees and presenters, we ask and expect mask-wearing, social distancing, and abundant care of ourselves and each other; by taking all available pre-cautions, and with careful cleaning/sanitizing of our space before and after each event, we will be able to continue gathering safely.

NOTICE:  Church Services are resuming November 2021. We are following the LDA mask mandate. Thank you.

First Sunday of every month, after Fellowship, resuming January 2022 - (on hiatus during LDA Summer Season)
Anita Elkund and Michele Sadowski present: Spiritualism, Past and Present, with Guided Meditation
Love donations accepted gratefully

Thursdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm, resuming November 18, 2021 - (on hiatus during LDA Summer Season)

Gretchen Clark, CM, conducts an Open Meditation and Home Circle

Love donations accepted gratefully

Dr. Susan B. Barnes, had conducted a Mediumship Development Circle on Wednesday evenings. However, with the resumption of in-person Wednesday Night Healing Services, Dr. Barnes is considering other options. Please stay tuned!


  If you are interested in presenting a workshop from September through June, please see a board member for further information.


WORKSHOPS:  Spiritualists are told to seek the truth for themselves while continuing to learn and grow.  The topics are interesting and informative, and stimulate thinking to introduce us to new ideas and knowledge of the world around us.

Some workshops may not reflect the views of the NSAC.  However, in the workshops, we learn about the methods and beliefs used by people throughout history, and at the present time, to contact those in the afterlife, to unfold mediumship and healing abilities, and to be a part of the age-old quest of "Man, Know Thyself."