Board of Directors

   Bernie Payne, President,   716-969-5838
   Vice President, Dr. Susan Barnes 585-314-9362      
   Rev. T. Lynne (Forget) Cholewka, Secretary, 716-595-2194
   Rev. Kathleen Riley, NST, Treasurer, 202-321-1063

   Michele Sadowski, Trustee, 716-338-7036
   Jane Babinsky, Trustee, 440-247-8197
   Rev. Joyce Barlow, NST, CM Trustee, 716-595-2755

    Real News Editor: , Rev. T. Lynne Cholewka  
   Webmaster, Rev. Joyce Barlow

Dear Friends- We love you and ask you to support our community by staying home for the time being. Lily Dale is looking forward to having as close to a normal summer season as possible. That said, for now we are closed for standard tourism including non-residents coming to walk the grounds.

If you are someone who has business here caregiving, making a delivery, etc that is different. You are welcome to contact us via email: Info@lilydaleassembly.org or via messenger if you have questions.
We look forward to welcoming you back soon!From:  Lily Dale Assembly, Inc.

May 18, 2020

For the latest information on Lily Dale reopening, please go to the Lily Dale Assembly website: