"as the Sunflower turns its face toward the light of the sun, so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity toward the light of truth" 

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National Spiritualist Association of Churches
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Lily Dale Assembly, Inc.
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We are considering options for resuming our first Sunday of the month Fellowship Hour after Service - on hold for now.


​--- We remain mindful of the pandemic ---
--- Regardless of vaccination status,  mask  ---

--- Please continue social distancing ---
​--- CDC and NYS Guidelines in effect ---

​​* * * * Thank You All* * * *

Thanks for everyone's understanding of the Board's decision to follow the LDA/NYS Mask Mandates

You Are Appreciated, All!

Happy New Year! We welcome 2022 with healing thoughts and prayers for one and all! 


The  Lily Dale Spiritualist Church is an Auxiliary of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC).  LDSC received its Charter from the NSAC in 1932.

Please visit www.nsac.org to learn more about the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. We love our Religion and are proud to be Spiritualists!

Lily Dale Spiritualist Church, NSAC


​--- Scheduled Speakers ---

January 02, 2022...   Rev. Cara Seekings

January 09, 2022...   Dr. Brenda Hawkins

January 16, 2022...   Thomas Rugani

January 23, 2022...   Raymond Kaczar

​January 30, 2022...   Anita Eklund

​​* * * * Thank You All* * * *

Sunday Services at the Healing Temple

January 2022

10:30am - 12:00pm

Spiritual Healing, Lecture, and Spirit Communication

Please know that we are following the LDA and NYS mask mandates. All who attend must be masked for the duration of service and be mindful of social distancing.  We aim to be well and stay well!