East Street, Box 1128
Lily Dale, New York 14752

(next to Fire Hall)

The  National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) was founded and recognized as a religion in 1893 by the United States Government.  It is considered the oldest, most respected Spiritualist organization in the United States.   The Lily Dale Spiritualist Church was chartered by the NSAC in 1932.  We are proud of our religion.

Sunday Service

10:30 a.m. to Noon

Lecture, Laying on of Hands Healing,

Spirit Communication

Lily Dale Spiritualist Church

Board of Directors
Acting President, Bernard Payne ... 716-969-5838 
Acting Vice President, Rev. Joyce Barlow ... 716-595-2755
Secretary, Dawn Skinner ... 716-397-1048
Acting Treasurer, Rev. Kathleen Riley ... 202-321-1063
  Raymond Taft ... 716-338-8065
Michele Sadowski ... 716-338-7036

Acting Trustee

June Woollett . . . 716-672-7711