Spiritualists are told to seek the truth for themselves while continuing to learn and grow.  The topics are interesting and informative, and stimulate thinking to introduce us to new ideas and knowledge of the world around us.

 Some workshops may not reflect the views of the NSAC.  However, in the workshops, we learn about the methods and beliefs used by people throughout history, and at the present time, to contact those in the afterlife, to unfold mediumship and healing abilities, and to be a part of the age-old quest of "Man, Know Thyself."


  If you are interested in presenting a workshop for the church from September through June,

please see a board member for further information.



Doors Open at 6:30 p.m./Dinner starts at 7:00 p.m.

"Murder Mystery Dinner Theater"

The Lily Dale Spiritualist Church is planning another "Murder Mystery Dinner Theater" next summer in the Auditorium.

At the "Dinner Theater" we will have raffle baskets, a 50/50 drawing and other "goodies" for the event.

For the baskets: